Lenny and Eva collection

Lenny and Eva

With Lenny and Eva, your collection is your story. Each interchangeable sentiment chosen for a different reason: to remind…to celebrate…to comfort…to encourage…to empower. Adornments chosen not just for the way they look, but for what they make us feel…what they stand for.


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2015 marks the six year anniversary of Lenny & Eva.  What started out as a kitchen table idea has quickly grown into one of the most popular interchangeable jewelry collections available today. Founder and designer Kellie Fitzpatrick traded in her career as a teacher and photographer to bring her idea to life. With the hard work of only 11 team members, Lenny & Eva, named after Kellie’s great-grandmothers, now ships to over 2000 retail locations internationally.  L&E headquarters is located in a renovated garage in the small town of Baxter, TN (population 1,384). It’s here the company proudly designs and creates this Made-in-the-USA collection of mix & match cuffs, necklaces, sentiments, charms, and pendants.  Click here to view their collection

lenny and eva collection at shabby chic wny